Monday, January 9, 2012

Design for Asha 303

The Asha 303 provides the body shape and styling of this Nokia X2-01 – adding a prominent accent from the brushed metal battery cover. Surprisingly, the Asha is a tad bit more compact and weighs less than it is all-plastic predecessor. It is a simple yet stylish handset while the messenger form factor doesn’t allow an excessive amount creative freedom.

Design for Asha 303
We didn't get completely time to test the full Qwerty keyboard lurking under the screen, but we did note there is no gap between each individual critical, so that might lead to an occasional call slip up when you're typing easily. On the other hand, we're very happy to see that the space bar is very big -- nothing grinds our gears such as a fiddly little space key.

The 3. 6" capacitive TFT touchscreen has QVGA resolution which enables it to display up to 256K colors. Irrespective of its decent brightness, the image quality is nothing for getting excited about. The sunlight legibility is usually decent, but not perfect.

There's a touchscreen agreeable that measures 2. 6 inches within the diagonal. Happily it's of the capacitive variety as opposed to the less classy resistive type, so incredibly light touches will trigger on-screen behavior.

The 2. 6” display Asha 303 is within the small side – for a touch phone – but it really does the job. The first capacitive unit using a S40 handset is nicely responsive devoid of overdoing it. It’s tuned to neglect very light presses, which we usually prefer over displays that often detect your finger midair. The touchscreen affords the trademark Nokia haptics we’ve been continually impressed with. Wherever you tap within the display, you’ll feel the vibration suitable under your fingertip.

The Asha 303 seems as if a solid basic mobile. Nothing concerning this particularly impressed us, though for what's bound as a low price tag, it's good to discover a capacitive touchscreen. We'll be testing out how easy it truly is to rattle out messages on that Qwerty keyboard when it reaches time for the full review.