Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"K510a" HP Photosmart Ink Advantage e-All-in-One

HP Photosmart Ink Advantage e-All-in-One Printer K510a is a hungry machine that can print anything with just a touch long distance. Given the size of an LCD display with a 2:36 inch TouchSmart Frame technology, you do not to bother to connect your printer to the computer to be able to print.


One of the advantages of this printer is the HP Wireless ePrint K510a that has the ability to print wirelessly when received Wi-Fi connection. HP Printer output is equipped with a scanner to take pictures of the paper or magazine, and in addition the scanner on this printer can be useful as a copier.

HP K510a uses two ink cartridges Tri-color Ink Cartridge Black Ink Cartridge and the HP code and provide Paper Tray 703 is capable of loading up to 80 sheets of paper.

Interface used in the HP printer uses a USB interface K510a was found on the back of the printer along with the port power +32 V = 625 mA. This printer also comes with a memory card slot for image storage media which have been scanned as well as the media to take pictures to print.


Kitty Weeks said...

This printer is a no nonsense, flawless printing machine. It's smooth quiet and clean.