Thursday, February 16, 2012

Motorola S10-HD bluetooth stereo headphones

This is the latest bluetooth headset that I have. when compared to the H730 batteries is less strong, but H730 is limited to only telephony functions . And when compared with the MW600 is still losing his voice slightly, but still uses less cable MW600 making it less practical. 

Motorola S10-HD bluetooth stereo headphones
Motorola S10-HD bluetooth stereo headphones

While the Motorola S10-HD, in addition to having many features, is also practically used both for telephone and for multimedia purposes. Bluetooth headset can also work on various types of mobile phones / smartphones currently available. And suitable for all types of Blackberry and Android.

Motorola S10-HD
Motorola S10-HD

- A2DP
- Dual Point Pairing
- The quality HD stereo sound
- Material (material) is more convenient to use for a long time
- Material anti wet (always dry)
- Talk Time up to 10 hours
- Play Music / Video up to 15 hours
- The telephony: call receive / end call, volume up / down
- Multimedia button: next / previus track, volume up / down, play / pause
- The form of flexible, can adjust when frequently used
- Universal charger (micro USB) together with the charger Blackberry / Android ...
- Most comfortable to wear while using a helmet (I have compared with other models)
- Etc.

- Less comfortable when first used, but very convenient if you are already accustomed to wearing it in 3 to 5 days
- Sometimes need to be connecting manually (although already at-pairing), this depends on the mobile phone, which you use (especially local mobile phone brands)