Thursday, October 13, 2011

4 important back to school gadgets that you must have

Back to school certainly one thing that is fun, but some people judge returning to school is very boring. Actually, go to school is a very interesting activity for example we can meet friends, at school we got lesson that can be applied in the social world, etc.. Back to school will not be separated from back to school gadgets. many gadgets that are used to support school activities.

Discussion about back to school gadgets are very interesting. Because growth of gadget is very impressive. Some gadgets are often used in activities at school, and have an important function to support for learning. Gadgets that are recommended to have as a student are:

1. laptop

 back to school gadgetsback to school gadgets

The first back to school gadgets is laptop. laptop is one that must be owned by students. Laptops have many functions, it is no wonder not only students who should have it but all the people who work should have it. Some functions of the laptop are it can be used to connect the internet, do online activities with friends, looking for references homework from internet. as a virtual teacher that will always answer questions, doing typing homework, etc. Surely, the selection of right laptop can affect performance in learning / working. The selection should be based on how much memory you need to run your program, how much storage capacity harddisck you need, how fast the processor performance you want, how wide lcd you want to have, etc. (maybe it will be discussed in another post)

2. Printer

back to school gadgets

The second is Printer. The printer is a tool that is not as important as the other gadgets. However, printer must be accompanied with a laptop / desktop, because it could not function if there is no laptop / desktop. The general function of it is to receive electronic documents and print Them as hard copies. some it has been coupled with scan and copy. So with it, we don't need scanner and photo copy machines anymore. Obviously it can reduce spending money.

3. Amazon Kindle

back to school gadgetsback to school gadgets

The third is Amazon Kindle. This gadgets is one of the best-selling items at The function of amazon kindle is reading electronic books or more commonly known as e-reader. You can instantly download electronic books from amazon directly, by using this gadget.

4. Mobile Phones

back to school gadgetsback to school gadgetsback to school gadgets

The fourth is Mobile Phones, mobile phones is important because right now it functions not only as a communication tool, but now it is transformed into a multi-functional gadgets. Some additional functions of mobile phone are browsing, as a modem, personal digital assistants (PDA), smartphones, data storage, global positioning system (GPS), pocket camera, etc..

As a student, maybe four items back to school gadgets (laptop, printer, Kindle, and mobile phone) can be considered to have. So process learning can run successfully. Actually there are many other gadgets. But in my opinion, 4 school gadgets above should be prioritized . Hopefully information above can useful for you.