Thursday, October 27, 2011

what is a robot ? Teotronica, Denise, and ASIMO

"what is a robot" is very logical question to be expressed curiosity about the world robot or the meaning of robot itself. Actually right now robots have become very popular gadget, robot already has many kinds and types according to the function robot itself. So with the following explanations may can answer questions about what is a robot.

Okay, now what is a robot ?? Robot is a mechanical or virtual intelligent agent that can do tasks automatically or with the assistance, normally with the remote control. In practice a robot normally an electro-mechanical machine guided by computers and electronic programming. This electronic programming that can make a robot can perform movements automatically, with notes these movements have been programmed in a robot.

May be some examples robot below can explain the purpose of what is a robot. Example these robots are Teotronica, Denise, and ASIMO.

1. Teotronica, Robot Piano

The ability of the player piano seems to be unrivaled in the presence of robot this one. Teotronica is the name of the robot, skillful playing piano.


Creator Teotronica, Matteo Italian Suzzi even claim Teotronica could play the piano faster than humans. This robot has a camera in his eye, which enables touch and feel the situation around him. Not only that, Teotronica can even interact with the audience.

2. Denise, Robot broadcaster radio

Introduce, Denise, beautiful virtual robot that can work as broadcaster 'normal'. He was programmed by a studio named Guile 3D Studio and purchased by Dominique Garcia broadcaster who lives in San Antonio, United States.Robot that was purchased for $ 200 is actually created to be a virtual assistant. His job is to answer phone calls, check email, searching on the web and make an appointment.

However, Garcia make this robot perform another task, namely to become a broadcaster. Like the broadcaster, she will speak on the radio.Although able do function as an broadcaster, but Denise needed human assistance to make script, which would later she read it. The author of this script will tell Denise what was said in front of the mic, including made ​​him a joke and weather reports.

3. Asimo, Robot from Honda Japan

Robot P2
Robot P2
One reason for Honda's ASIMO robot created in a few years ago was to develop a robot that can walk alone, it could help humans as well as their use in community practice. ASIMO robot research and development began in 1996 with Prototype robot P2, and in 1997 with prototype robot P3.

Robot P3
Robot P3
ASIMO robot is prototype from P3, which can run smoothly and without noise. With ASIMO's height is about 120 cm visible eyes will align with adult eyes, when an adult sitting in a chair. ASIMO is lighter than the P3, the higher 40 cm and 87 kg heavier than the Asimo. With weight 43 kg, Asimo can operate household appliances, grabbed doorknob, dance, and perform housework.

Robot ASIMO has Advanced Walking Technology that can predict and control the movement in the direction of gravity, which combined with the existing control run, ie, technology iWalk (intelligent real-time flexible walking). The combination of both technologies can produce smooth change in direction, so it looks natural and stable like a human. Operation of the robot using the Simple Operation To, for facilitate course of robots, flexible walking control, and operation buttons (from motion cues and hand waving) which can be operated from a workstation or portable control mounted on the hand. The expansion of distance movement Asimo can be done by adding the angle of movement shoulder high around 20 degrees and elbow about 15 degrees horizontal, vertical arm motion also angle of 105 degrees, which is much broader than P3 robot.

After you read "what is a robot? Teotronica, Denise, and Asimo" I believe that you will be a bit understood or even fully understand what is a robot. The more advanced era the robot will change growing rapidly. Maybe someday, there will be robots that have ability approach the human.