Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cool spy gadgets : Pen dan Sunglasses

After writing the first post entitled kitchen gadgets fetch site info, in my brain came idea to write about cool spy gadgets. The idea came after seeing "spy kid" and "james bond" film, inside the film frequently appears powerful tools that are used to spy. Actually, what is cool spy gadgets?

I think the cool spy gadgets have a meaning the advanced equipment used to spy something, the equipment can shaped something that is unthinkable. Spy gadgets usually have a shape like a normal tools that we often use, but inside normal equipment has been modified function into spy equipment.

Certainly more comfortable if there are several examples of spy gadgets that are displayed, so the above explanation can be understand easy. Some examples of cool spy gadgets are:

1. Spy sunglasses
Cool spy gadgetsCool spy gadgets

sunglasses certainly not foreign to us. It is usually used by people who are on the beach. But when the sunglasses are modified into a spy gadget, then the function of it increases not only to protect the eyes. Some of these functions is as a video recorder that can record what we see, so the video can be sent to a particular device or recorded inside sunglasses (because it has been equipped by their own storage)

2. Spy Pen
 Cool spy gadgetsCool spy gadgetsg

Pen is a tool usually used to write on paper. But in the spy world, the pen can be modified into variety of spy equipment. For example pen may have function as a camera, can also be a voice recorder or a communication tool, or even more extreme opinion can be a weapon "pen gun".

From two examples above we should to know what is cool spy gadgets. So if you want to be a spy, two spy gadgets that have been described earlier you should have it. Surely there are many more spy gadgets that have been sold in the market. Spy gadgets that suitable will affect the percentage successes of spy