Saturday, December 10, 2011

BlackBerry Messenger 6 in Curve 9360

BlackBerry Messenger 6 in Curve 9360

The Curve 9360 features the most up-to-date and greatest edition of RIM's Blackberry mobile phones OS. Already seen on companies the Torch 9810 and Flashlight 9860, OS 7 is the most visually appealing iterations of it yet. Gone are the stark icons affecting OS 5, replaced as they've been by colourful images that call in your thoughts the menu design of Apple's iphone 3gs.

Navigating around the phone can be pretty easy, but there are when you really wish you got a touchscreen. It feels odd not to use OS 7 to its full potential for the Curve 9360 because it was engineered which has a dual-interface that supports touchscreens planned.

BlackBerry Messenger 6 (BBM) comes in OS 7. It's sure to generate the Curve 9360 incredibly liked by teenage mobile users. Each instant message you send for a friends incurs no additional charge for a BlackBerry monthly subscription cost. No wonder Apple has thought we would pay homage with its individual iMessage functionality. The most exciting thing about it particular version of BBM is that it now permits you to send messages from within software and games.

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