Friday, December 9, 2011

Windows Phone Mango

We've covered the Mango update considerably, but I'll briefly review several of its best features. For essentially the most part, Mango looks and behaves much like the first version of Glass windows Phone 7, but it gives some very significant additions. Using Mango, you finally get genuine multitasking with third-party apps, and also Internet Explorer 9. You can easily switch among recently used purposes by pressing and holding a corner button. All of your open software are elegantly displayed in chronological order determined by when you last used these people.

All of your Hubs are actually enhanced with sweet new capabilities. For example, the People Link connects Facebook, Twitter, Outlook, LinkedIn, and Windows Messenger in one place, so you won't need to jump from app to app to speak with your friends and colleagues. It's also possible to group and categorize your contacts determined by how you think of them--friends, coworkers, adversaries, or whatever.

The Bing google search gets a complete makeover. A new feature called Community Scout uses GPS to recognize your location and then provides you with hyperlocal google search based on your preferences. Yet another cool and useful feature throughout Bing is Music search, which works form of like Shazam on iOS along with Android.

And of course, you get each of the great features of Windows Phone 7 including Microsoft Office (you can establish, edit, and view Excel spreadsheets, Expression docs, and PowerPoint presentations), Console Live, and the Zune advertising player.

Microsoft doesn’t allow manufacturers to make custom skins (like Samsung’s TouchWiz due to the Android phones), but Samsung and AT&T have thrown in a very few apps, like Samsung’s Image Studio for editing your photographs, YP Mobile, and AT&T’s package of apps like myWireless, Navigator, Radio while others. There’s also a Samsung-made tile named “Now, ” which lets anyone check weather, stocks, top Twitter updates and messages, news, etc.