Friday, December 30, 2011

Sony Ericsson Xperia X8

The Sony Ericsson X8 really should have a lot going for it, as it's actually a small, affordable Android phone that packs to all the essential features. However, it doesn't quite hang together and you'll find simply better cheap Android phones offered.

Xperia X8

We've got exactly what we thought for. After being rather impressed by simply Sony Ericsson's ultra-small Xperia X10 Tiny and X10 Mini Pro, we couldn't help but wonder precisely what Sony Ericsson's heavily customised Android OS would resemble on a phone with a middle-of-the-road screen that sits anywhere between that of the monster X10 plus the tiny X10 Minis.

And that's what exactly we've got here. The screen in the Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 is three inches in space, so slightly smaller than the 3. 2-inch norm as seen in companies the HTC Legend, LG Optimus One and a lot of, many more Android phones.

Xperia X8

ony Ericsson's Xperia series is among the most manufacturer's most exciting lineup of telephones. First, there was the Windows Mobile-powered Xperia X1. And then along came its successor, the X2, and also the Android-based Xperia X10. We also must not forget those little fellas - your X10 mini and mini pro, which redefined this is of compactness. The latest addition on the Xperia lineup is a budget-cautious Android mobile phone handset, which comes in a classy outfit - the Sony Ericsson Xperia X8. Via first sight, the X8 looks as being a pretty decent lightweight smartphone; it has the way they look, a passable 3-inch capacitive screen, or a pleasant and easy-to-use software. However, does everything the Xperia X8 is competent at come together nicely to form a new worthy all-round smartphone package?

The X8's design is often a tough one to nail down. It's clearly not essentially the most elegant device going and its plastic-type material construction certainly makes itself known. On the other hand, it feels solid and well build, and has a certain charm. In case colour's your thing, you'll be pleased to know the backplate is available in several thereof, though the front remains pearlescent white whichever you ultimately choose.

You might actually mistake the Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 while using X10 mini (or vice versa), should you be just looking at the images, while both handsets look almost identical. Actually though, The X8 shows its superiority by treating that you its 3-inch capacitive LCD screen using resolution of 320x480 pixels - sufficient for this screen size. Because it is just a standard TFT (IPS LCD or AMOLED have yet to function their way to the mid- along with low-end), viewing angles are now quite of the same quality. Although it should be capable involving showing 16 million colors, gradients are not even close perfectly smooth. Not that this is all unbearable naturally - we can live with the idea, especially having in mind the flawless touch registration in the capacitive panel. Outdoor visibility isn't a terrific issue, especially if you have the brightness bumped on the max, but you'll still have for you to shield the display in extreme conditions.


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