Saturday, December 10, 2011

Nokia E71 for Browsing

Browsing the web on a Nokia smartphone is really a pleasure. Now, with the E71 and it is landscape screen it's all the greater. Reading is much more handy in landscape mode and, because of the great page rendering, content fits perfectly on screen and looks the same as on a PC.

Nokia E71 for Browsing

The digital mouse cursor takes browsing an additional level up. It is simple to control and generally works excellent. A mini-map can be activated to assist navigating your way around large sites where plenty of scrolling is required. The zoom level is additionally easily adjustable at the expense of just a few key presses. The web browser offers fullscreen view mode.

The wide range of RAM is another thing which improves the browser performance. The web browser is among the most RAM-hungry applications. With the E71 you are incredibly unlikely to run out of RAM even though you load very heavy web pages and also have a few applications running within the background. The ample 2. 36" show is another welcome boost in order to browsing.

The final touches towards the Nokia E71 browser are the actual built-in full Java and Expensive support. Having surfed quite frequently for that past week, we didn't have the ability to stumble upon any flash content the E71 was not able to handle. Flash video is also no problem for the E71 web browser - you can view video on the full-featured versions of YouTube and also the likes.