Monday, December 26, 2011

HTC Vivid Softwear

Android mobile phone purists, you can stop holding your current breath. HTC's hasn't taken this flagship possiblity to dispense of its battery-hogging, custom UX. Nor has it shipped the Vivid while using latest Sense skin to wrap throughout the Rezound and Rhyme, namely 3. 5. Zero, this is firmly a 3. 0 expertise running atop Gingerbread 2. 3. several. The good news for prospective managers is that Ice Cream Sandwich is coming, as the company's recently added your handset to its official shortlist involving upgradeable devices. Just when that Android mobile phone 4. 0 update will be provided is anyone's guess, so content yourself while using knowledge that it's coming... at a number of point.

HTC Vivid

Until that major UI revising makes itself known, you'll have to generate due with daily navigation through send out finely honed interface. Yes, that means you'll have HTC's much-praised lockscreen implementation with with widgets, in addition to the advanced weather app. There's not much in addition at play here we haven't witnessed before, so if you've ever named an HTC Android phone you're individual, you'll know what to expect.

Browsing wasn't without a share of hiccups. Full desktop versions of websites would sometimes usually load at all, forcing us to clean out cookies and cache before attempting a new refresh. When we did manage for you to pull up flash heavy pages, that they rendered in about 15 - 20 a few moments. Pinch to zoom performed better when compared with we've seen on recent handsets, following our fingers movements closely and don't once resorting to white space as well as checkerboarding.

Unlike some of the carrier's new Android offerings, the Vivid doesn't come bogged down through an offensive amount of bloatware. Yes, it's still there and HTC's combined with the mess, but you won't discover youself to be eagerly awaiting the day you could root this puppy and clean the idea up. On AT&T's side, you'll come across branded Navigator, FamilyMap, U-verse Live TELEVISION SET, Radio and Music apps to complement the few third-party applications like Facebook, Twitter, Requirement of Speed, MOG and Qik lite. Whether you employ this crapware or not, you can't uninstall the idea. So learn to live with the stress and move on or just hold on for a Galaxy Nexus.