Thursday, December 8, 2011

Nokia N9 Short Specs

The N9 weighs about 135 grams (five grams lighter compared to the iPhone 4S and 19 grams heavier compared to the Galaxy S II), will be 1. 21-centimetres thick at the thickest point, has a 3. 9-inch (9. 9-centimetre) ClearBlack AMOLED display (helping to make icons appear as though they are popping right out of the screen), a single-core 1GHz Cortex A8 CPU using a PowerVR SGX530 GPU and provides 1GB of RAM. In simple English: it is one of the highest performing smartphones available today.

It comes with either of sixteen or 64 gigabytes of internal memory and there is also an NFC chip built-in for when mobile payments lose in the mainstream. For now the NFC chip allows you to share content like photographs with other NFC-enabled devices by means of Bluetooth without entering a integrating number. A back-facing 8 megapixel autofocus photographic camera with dual-LED flash also aids take crisp photos. The N9 even offers a front-facing camera that, it seems, has no use yet. You can not use it to take pictures while using the N9's photo app and it won't work with the pre-loaded Skype app - an actual bummer.

Another quality of the particular N9 is its “precision-crafted” coloured-through polycarbonate unibody and also curved Gorilla Glass display. It's also one of many first smartphones to use any micro-SIM, something Apple introduced having its iPhone 4. This makes it relatively painless for anyone wanting to upgrade to the N9 from your iPhone.

Another great feature of the N9 could be the fact Nokia have pre-loaded Foreign maps onto it so that you don't need to download them from the net every time you use the Maps app. It's a very handy characteristic as other devices I've used according to Android and iOS have to download maps every time you enter a new location. A result of having maps pre-loaded means the Maps app doesn't chew upwards your 3G data allowance.

You can not mention a smartphone without bringing up its app store. It is probably the defining features of a smartphone today. With Apple's iPhone app store having thousands of apps it is tough to compete against, at least with regards to the sheer number of programs.

Nokia's app store has a far lower number when comparing Google or Apple's offering. Performing a search for the apps My partner and i commonly use - Twitter, Fb, Evernote, Whatsapp, TripView, Sleep Routine, Shazam, Skype and Angry Birds - revealed not these were available on Nokia's app store for your N9. Apps pre-loaded on the particular N9 include Ovi Music, Push (turn-by-turn navigation for any time driving), Facebook, Twitter, Facebook, Maps, AccuWeather, AP Mobile (any news app), Skype, Track & Protect (just like Find my iPhone), Irritated Birds Magic, Galaxy On Hearth 2, Need For Speed Move and Real Golf 2011.

Although there are not thousands, more apps are available around the N9's app store. A useful one for me personally in Sydney was the Questionnaire Transit app, which is just like TripView (which is unavailable) and helps you find their way the state's train timetables.


Luttapi Kuttoossan said...

That is one of the better unlocked nokia phones out there. Good specs.