Monday, December 26, 2011

HTC Vivid 8Mp Camera

This HTC Vivid packs an 8MP camera that does stills as high as 3264x2448 pixels and records 1080p online video media @ 30fps. There’s a dual-LED adobe flash / video light too. The video camera unit has wide aperture lens intended for better low light performance.

HTC Vivid

The video camera interface is space efficient. Most on the controls are on the right side on the viewfinder, with the virtual shutter from the center. There’s a virtual zoom lever within the left. By default the viewfinder image is cropped in order that it fills the entire screen, but you possibly can switch that off (note of which cropping reduces the resolution).

HTC Vivid

You possibly can focus by touching the screen. Geotagging is agreeable as well. When focusing, the camera unit makes an audio, suggesting it is taking care connected with business.

The camera of the HTC Vivid loads fast – you possibly can access it straight from the lockscreen. Accomplishing this takes less than a second. This HTC Vivid produces nicely detailed pics with faithful colors and low disturbance levels. We’re pretty pleased with the effects – they are on par with the information the LG Nitro HD offers, in particular.