Saturday, December 10, 2011

Nokia E71 built-in GPS

Nokia E71 comes including a built-in GPS receiver. Its sensitivity isn't the best you could find on the market but it can do the trick if you aren't on some sort of hurry. It takes its time getting initial lock and which might be as much as 10 minutes when you cold-start it in a going car.

Nokia E71 built-in GPS

A-GPS can notably reduce these times but still won't come near the best examples out there (let alone dedicated navigation devices). A-GPS may also cost extra if you aren't using a flat data rate. On this positive side, initial lock time after sizzling start is significantly better and rarely exceeds a while.

The phone also comes having Nokia Maps pre-installed. The application pairs seamlessly while using the built-in receiver and its type 2. 0 is really nice to cooperate with. It has a really detailed map coverage of a wide array of countries and much of extras such as traffic facts, voice-guided navigation and so with. Unluckily, the extra features ought to be purchased separately.

In case you don't would like to use Nokia Maps you can select a third-party application, as there are lots of those available on the current market.

Still, we have to admit that Nokia Maps itself seriously isn't bad at all and provides each user little reason to protest. It has very decent appears to be and easily customizable route setting up algorithm. Toll roads and motorways is usually avoided and so can tunnels in addition to ferries. Route selection can possibly be set to either fastest or maybe shortest. The app is also operational for pedestrian navigation or you possibly can switch the GPS receiver off and just use the phone as an electric map.

The overall impression on the Nokia E71 GPS functionality is usually positive, with only the GPS UNIT sensitivity allowing some room intended for improvement. Still, the E71 is up to scratch for most users' needs in addition to won't cause much disappointment.

We also put the E71 as a result of our usual GPS battery test out to see how far you can obtain with it in GPS manner. We left the device for a standstill position with GPS satellites locked along with the display constantly on. The E71 kept taking 14 hours straight - yes its true, fourteen hours of constant do the job. Now that's the most impressive reading we have got so far. Of course, you should remember this number will be lower while you are on the go.


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