Thursday, December 8, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Note Display

Samsung Galaxy Note Display

Since the display is the Galaxy Note's chief feature, we'll start here. After just about all, if the screen doesn't reduce it, the whole shebang is really a complete disaster.

At 5. 3 inches in dimensions, this screen is larger than any we've seen on the smart phone before. By assessment, the display on the Samsung Galaxy S2 is 4. 3 inches in dimensions and the iPhone 4S screen is really a piffling 3. 5 inches. From the recently-launched phones, only the HTC Sensation's four. 7-inch display comes close.

It is also insanely sharp thanks to it's 1, 280x800-pixel resolution, boasting 285 pixels for each inch (ppi). That isn't quite as crisp as the apple iphone 4 and 4S's 326ppi screen, but it isn't far off. Viewing the screen from the normal distance, individual pixels tend to be barely discernible and text is actually beautifully clear.

The screen utilizes Samsung's beloved AMOLED technology as well, so colours are gorgeously wealthy and saturated, while black regions of the screen actually look black instead of dark grey, even when you're sitting inside a dark room. So videos and photos look nothing lacking stunning here.

As you'd expect from the high-end smart phone, the display uses capacitive multi-touch technology, and incredibly responsive it is too. But it isn't all about your fingers: Samsung offers included a stylus -- or even 'Advanced Smart Pen'. While it's not hard to see this as a regressive step (who requires a losable, loser-ish stylus when you should use your finger? )#), we found ourselves utilizing it more often than we'd anticipated.

You can actually draw reasonable sketches and write down handwritten notes, although the accuracy is a little off because of the capacitive nature of the display. For instance, using the stylus in order to tap on tiny, tightly-spaced links on full webpages can prove irritating as the hyperlink above or below is often selected rather than the desired one.