Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Samsung GalaxyTab 8. 9 Hardwear

In case you are familiar with the Gal Tab 10. 1 you will discover the slightly svelter Samsung Galaxy Tab 8. 9 an especially comfortable beast. Where many companies are desperate for a corporate image and common style to utilize to all their devices, Samsung here had no issue simply shrinking down the elder tablet's total design by about 12 percent. It's only when they're side-by-side you could see a few subtle differences -- perhaps most obviously being the repositioning of the speakers from your sides to the bottom where they will now flank Samsung's proprietary connector.

Samsung GalaxyTab 8. 9

The particular Samsung Galaxy Tab 8. 9 uses a plastic backing using a faux brushed metal texture. It matches what's currently placed on the 10. 1's rear end and definitely features a nicer feel than the smooth plastic we got on a number of the earlier 10-inchers. It's given a dim, bluish hue Samsung calls Metallic Dull, though we're not seeing much in how metal flake. With that as your only color choice your only selections for customization lie on the capacity top: 16 or 32GB, neither of which is often expanded through microSD.

Dimensionally the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8. 9 is slightly smaller than its big buddy. It measures 9. 1 x 6. a couple of x. 34 inches and weighs inside at. 99 pounds (230. 9 times 157. 8 x 8. 6mm and also 447g, if those are your units of preference). That compares to 10. 1 times 6. 9 x 0. 34 ins and 1. 24 pounds, making it only moderately more svelte plus a hair less heavy. (Our calipers measured it to be thinner, too, but only by a couple of fractions of a millimeter. )#) This compares favorably to a new 8-inch option, the Archos 80 G9, which can be 3mm thicker and 18g heftier.

Samsung GalaxyTab 8. 9

That difference between this as well as the 10. 1 doesn't sound like much in some recoverable format, and if you stack them up it won't look like much either. But, inside the hand, you notice it. It merely feels slightly more balanced, slightly more palmable compared to the bigger one. It isn't as nice to walk around with being a 7-inch tablet -- still our favored size for tableting while strolling among gates at the airport -- but this is a noticeable improvement in the hand when compared to the 10. 1.

Though smaller, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8. 9 nonetheless packs 1, 280 x 800 pixels inside its 16: 9 PLS TFT LCD, so you're stopping size but gaining pixel density. You might be, however, gaining both compared to the particular 8-inch Archos 80 G9, which tends to make do with just 1, 024 times 768. The three megapixel camera around the trunk and two megapixel unit up front look like the same as the one in which came before, while the power button and volume rocker sit in their familiar locations -- the particular upper-left.

That 8. 9-inch display impresses, not with all the stunning contrast of Samsung's Super AMOLED Plus displays but nevertheless managing to look quite good. As stated above the pixel density is slightly more than on the 10. 1, which does give text as well as other high-contrast shapes a slightly smoother physical appearance. Viewing angles are good and, total, this is definitely a top-notch cell in here. Still, we have to wonder why Samsung stuck this using a TFT screen while reserving its specifically stunning Super AMOLED Plus display to the mythical no-show.