Thursday, December 8, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Note Speed App Life

Powered by way of dual-core 1. 4GHz ARM processor, the Galaxy Note certainly isn't going to want for processing power. Running the benchmarking app AnTuTu revealed the phone as a truly impressive performer in contrast to its Android-powered brethren. Its overall score put it above brand names the Samsung Galaxy S2, Motorola Xoom in addition to LG Optimus 2X, with its CPU speed proving the leading advantage.

Benchmarks are all very well and good, but how manages to do it perform day-to-day? The answer can be quite nicely, thank you very considerably. Apps open swiftly, and any sluggishness in response is down to the speed of the web connection as opposed to the Note itself.
Battery life

The processing power and large screen do promote one significant drawback: short power supply life. As with many clever phones, you'll want to keep charger handy if you unique the Note. We got a lot less than 12 hours of use at a full charge and moderate work with -- some web browsing, an area of gaming and general pottering in relation to with apps and games.

While we wouldn't expect an excellent smart phone to last several days using one charge, the speedily-depleted battery does put a dent from the Galaxy Note's ability to accomplish as Samsung bills it: a do-it-all smartphone and entertainment device that boosts your productivity for old-school notepad.

Zipping around town making and taking calls with the Samsung apps and huge screen for taking notes, draw diagrams and share ideas is a wonderful selling point -- but that each falls down if the battery croaks prior to a working day is done. You'll want to be fairly careful about your usage if you wish the Note to stay as active when.

The Galaxy Note sports quite a few Samsung apps, some of that ought to prove popular. Social Hub positions your emails, texts and facebook and myspace updates (limited currently to help Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn) in a app: the latter in a Feeds tab along with the rest in a Messages bill.

S Choice serves up an accumulation of Samsung-sanctioned apps, downloadable outside of the regular Android Market interface -- but besides the always-handy Evernote, there's not an excessive amount to get excited about.

S Planner is usually a tidy planner and calendar request which looks the part within the Note's large screen. It is usually synced with Google Calendar, Ms Exchange and Facebook (intended for events).

Subsequently there's S Memo, which is amongst the highlights, due to the way it sells itself within the Note. Basically it allows someone to create memos using text (entered or handwritten), sketches, noise recordings, maps and pictures. These might be shared in various means, including on Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Evernote, MMS or maybe email.

In many ways this app would be the “heart” of the Note, and on the list of chief reasons to buy the item -- the screen and stylus allow it to become easy to quickly jot down a notion and share it.

Another useful app, in light of the recent excitement above the iPhone 4S and its Siri voice-activated particular assistant, is Voice Talk. Open it and intone the true secret phrase -- “Hi Galaxy” automagically, but fully customisable -- and it is possible to open apps, send texts or update your Twitter status throughout the power of your voice by itself.

While we never found ourselves compelled to show to it -- the Note's program is painless enough -- and it is not as impressive at accomplishing your instructions as Siri, the item works fairly reliably.