Friday, December 9, 2011

Samsung Focus S Peformance and Battery

Microsoft windows Phone 7. 5 already felt lightweight and speedy within the original Focus, which was powered by way of 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. The Focus S incorporates a single core 1. 4GHz cpu (sorry, no dual-core for Windows Phones yet) and I could truthfully definitely see a difference with speediness of apps, fluidity of menus and Website load times between two phones.

Samsung Focus S Peformance and Battery

The Focus S supports AT&T’s HSPA+ “4G” network (not to ever be confused with its swifter, LTE 4G network). We saw pretty impressive speeds within the Pantech Pocket (average connected with 6. 57 megabits per second for downloads and typically 5. 82 mbps for uploads), a Android-based HSPA+ phone on AT&T, well, i was hoping for similar speeds within the Focus S. Unfortunately, the FCC-approved Ookla Speedtest app seriously isn't yet available for Windows Devices. I used another data swiftness testing app and got far lower results. In my hands-on work with, however, I found that the Focus S loaded Internet pages quickly and streamed video without problems over AT&T’s HSPA+ network.

It appears as if these 2nd generation Windows Devices have made some significant upgrades in battery life. In last week's article on the HTC Radar 4G, I was style of surprised at how great this battery life was, and Brandon gave the HTC Titan excessive marks for battery life likewise. The Samsung Focus S incorporates a hefty 1650mAh battery which gives off away the battery life within the HTC Radar 4G (which had amazed the iPhone 4S's battery lifetime). I could be when using the Focus S all day along with the battery level might only go along to 75% or so. The Battery Saver settings however shows "1 day and 10 time remaining" given the similar application scenarios where other smartphones could well be popping up low battery dialogs. Using a full charge it might say such as "2 days, 10 hours remaining", where you're lucky to discover 18 hours remaining for different fully charged Windows Phones. Obviously your mileage will be different depending on reception levels, mobile phone call durations, 3D Xbox gaming, in addition to video watching, but I think it's safe to mention that the Samsung Focus S has great battery life.