Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Nokia N8 Feauture Softwear

The Nokia N8 is certainly running Nokia's Symbian^3 operating process, and it's the first device while using the new OS. The home screen is related to older Symbian operating systems with two softkeys from the lower corners, and signal strength/battery life from the upper corners. The difference appears from the three swipe-able home screens that could contain an arrangement of personalized icons or widgets. This is usually, of course, similar to Spb Cell phone Shell and Android UIs, employing this implementation the background photo is usually changed independently on each screen and isn't going to move with each swipe.

Nokia N8 Feauture Softwear

Text input is among the biggest pain with the Symbian^3 OS IN THIS HANDSET. You have to tap a text field and begin a bigger input area which doesn't show anything else besides this input field; if you're with portrait mode, you ONLY receive a numeric input pad with several letters on each number. You possibly can turn on T9 predictive word input, but it's not on automagically and doesn't seem to start up globally. In order to receive a QWERTY keyboard, you have to show the device on its area. Even then, text input isn't that great as there is absolutely no easy editing like we've viewed on other platforms. It can be performed to replace the landscape keyboard that has a nicer Swype keyboard from this Ovi marketplace, however it still doesn't come nearby the user-friendliness and ease-of-use of this Windows Phone 7 keyboard.

The N8 does accompany some powerful applications. You receive a video editor to manipulate the 720p HD video so it can record, as well as a photo editor for all spectacular 12-megapixel photos it will take. There's a "Social" app of which aggregates Facebook and Twitter bank account feeds, and individual Twitter and Facebook apps likewise. You've also got a several neat news and video apps which might be included and a full-featured free Ovi Maps Gsp sat nav program (which has been significantly updated because video above was recorded having added pinch-to-zoom and check-in attributes).

Another advantage of this N8's software is its Alternate support. Sure, you can only sync with one server identical to the legacy Windows Mobile devices, but unlike the majority of "modern" smartphones, the Symbian OS IN THIS HANDSET still syncs tasks with Alternate server. It even works having Exchange 2003 SP2. For your working environment document viewing needs, the N8 is included with QuickOffice and the Adobe PDF FILE viewer.