Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Nokia N8 Symbian 3 User Interface

Among our chief complaints about the actual Symbian S60 platform was its poor interface. The inconsistent touch interface, the actual archaic-looking menus, and the clunky navigation all contributed to some frustrating user experience. Symbian 3 corrects numerous those issues, and makes the N8 a dream to use compared with previous Nokia mobile phones. However, it still trails the competition in many respects, but let's start along with what's good first.

Nokia N8 Symbian 3 User Interface

Symbian 3 now provides a single-tap interaction model across the consumer interface, so you'll no longer have to undergo multiple steps to complete an easy task or muddle through the confusion which menus require one tap or even two, as we experienced on past S60 devices such as the Nokia N97 Mini. This uniform system goes quite a distance into making the phone simpler to use, but still, work can be achieved to more quickly access options inside an app. For example, to answer an e-mail on the N8, you have to first hit Options and after that choose reply. In Android, the reply option is on a single page as the e-mail.

The house screen now consists of 3 panels, which you can personalize with various widgets, including those for the messages, social networks, music participant, favorite contacts, RSS feeds, and so on. The widgets can provide you having a quick preview of the most recent information, and if you wish to see more, you can tap about the widget to launch the person application.

The main menu is pretty very similar, presenting a grid view of the applications (you can change to list view should you prefer). A particularly useful features is should you long-press the menu key beneath the screen, it will mention a thumbnail view of all of your running applications. From there, you are able to scroll through the list to change between tasks or exit from an app completely.