Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Advantages iPhone 4S compared to Samsung Galaxy II

Samsung Galaxy II compared to iPhone 4S

  • Price
No matter how good your cell phone, finally comes to price. Samsung Galaxy S2 sold from $ 199 to $ 229 in a contract with U.S. carriers and the device is locked with a price of about $ 600. The iPhone 4S continues the trend and come in a variety of storage options available to set 16 GB for $ 199, $ 299 32 GB, 64 GB is at $ 399.

  • Decision
This is for the first time that a product from Apple has gone down with any other phone at its launch. The iPhone 4S is powered by a small screen to other handsets on the market compared, even though the hardware design was a hit. In addition, the iPhone 4S in comparison with the predecessor model, which looks just the same, but the developed hardware. One would think that Apple is cooking on the back for 14 months since the iPhone 4, but statistically speaking, iPhone 4S creates history with 0.6 million orders on the day of publication.

So who is the ultimate winner? It would be fair to say, the iPhone 4S is not a good smartphone, the enthusiasm of Apple products take greater advantage of high and Samsung Galaxy S2 Android operating system. Although I feel that the Samsung Galaxy S2 has the advantage of the thin