Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Advantages Samsung Galaxy S2 Compared iPhone 5 [PART I]

Samsung Galaxy S2 has released more than 130 countries, in which South Korea and Great Britain was the first country to receive excellent gadget. Samsung was the largest competitor to Apple's iPhone and iPad tablet fifth Even today, sued Apple, Samsung and tried to stop the sale of Samsung Galaxy S2 and throughout the world.

There is news that the first 85 days after the release of the Samsung preached more than five million units sold worldwide. What are the advantages of Samsung? It excess in comparison with the Samsung Galaxy S2 and Apple iPhone 5th


Android and IOS security is a different approach. Apples to check for all applications in order to infect virus, but also prevent other parts of the same Cisco IOS with our fragility Android.

Although Android does not review the application, the application is run with the sandbox, so it does not affect many systems. Both operating systems can be susceptible to viruses, but Android is an anti-virus application that is not on Cisco IOS. Therefore, the Samsung Galaxy S2 believed to be superior to the iPhone 5 in relation to safety.

STRENGTH AND open source applications are enticing

Applications in the Android Market is greatly increased in quality and quantity in recent years and is expected to surpass the Apple App Store to 2013th The largest value of Android applications is that most of the quality of open source applications (and free). (Although most artificial look like junior high kids are interested in new applications)

Anyone can access the Android source code for a better system. If no weaknesses in the open source community can be found, they can fix quickly. The same does not occur on iPhone OS 5, of his own as open source. This is relevant when we consider the case of 4 criticized for IPhone antenna. Apple said the problem of antenna-related software and not hardware, if you use the Android open-source approach to be solved in a matter of course. Samsung Galaxy S2