Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kindle Fire vs iPad 2 vs Tab 8.9 [Loading and Download]

Web site loading, site-loading speed is among the simplest attributes to judge, and it's the test many customers can immediately connect with. I prefer these types of real-world Web tests--involving likely to actual sites--to artificial benchmarks. If you've come here searching for synthetic benchmark outcomes, you'll spend quite a long time looking.

Each tablet was attached to the same closed network without any other devices onto it, with the router regarding 5 feet aside. The test began as soon as we pressed Proceed, with the iteration ending once the blue progress club (or rotating circle for that Kindle Fire) upon each tablet vanished. We used iOS 5. 0. 1 for that iPad 2, the actual galaxy Tab 8.9 operating Android OS 3. 1, and also the Amazon Kindle Fire place running version 6. 1 of it's custom OS (depending on Android 2. 3). Flash was enabled about the Tab 8. 9.

We've divided the actual tests between three Internet sites. Two of the websites (Scout as well as Businessweek) had been recommended by Amazon . com as sites which should demonstrate the quick performance of Man made fiber.

App download, we used Upset Birds Seasons HD Liberated to test app download speed about the iPad 2 as well as Angry Birds Rio for that Kindle Fire as well as Tab 8. 9. The actual iOS app is actually 18. 2MB in dimensions, whereas Rio for Android is available in at 18. 3MB. Therefore, yes, the Google android version is somewhat larger, but we think this small difference might have a negligible impact on download speed, in the event that any.

The outcomes await you beneath. Oh, but please ensure that you read the following paragraph prior to going any further:

Kindle Fire vs iPad 2 vs Tab 8.9 [Loading and Download]
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Around we'd love with regard to these tests to become completely relevant for everybody in every scenario, that's nearly not possible. We tested these types of tablets under specific conditions inside a "free" environment. The actual network was shut, but we can't take into account noise from additional networks interfering. This is the snapshot of performance within our testing environment presented in a manner that we thought will be entertaining; however, your results can vary.