Sunday, November 13, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tab An e-book reader and more

Given 7in Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab, it is just the right size for e-book reader. Readers Hub serves as a Galaxy Tab function for e-book fan, and offers the user the ability to download and even purchase books through the e-book reader available Kobo.

Stroke is also newspapers and magazines you subscribe to feeds to offer, but these two options are not in the time of writing this review is available. Kobo is the e-book reader pretty barebones, which gives you a Apple iBook-like virtual shelves for any books that you download. Readers can add new books from online bookstores that buy a variety of titles offering classic novels to date.

If you are not a book, do not worry. Galaxy Tab is a decent multimedia player for music and video playback, as it supports many different formats such as MPEG4, DivX and H264 encoded videos. Video device handles quite well and able to compete with the fast-moving scenes with little stuttering. Galaxy is also a great device for listening to music through a more intuitive user interface, full use of the Tablet environment makes.

Galaxy Tab two speakers are small, but the output is surprisingly good. We were impressed with how good sounding songs with strong vocals and even a little bass when SRS virtual 5.1 surround sound function is enabled.

Android applications like Google Maps benefit from larger screen and it's much easier to see while driving. Achieve GPS lock-on that relatively quickly to get on the device and works well as a navigation device, which if you do not know.

But the Galaxy Tab feels very strange, like a camera can be used. Although a large 7in screen is great for framing a shot, it is easy to use too large and cumbersome. In terms of quality, the images of a 3-megapixel camera were taken, not very sharp and can only do well in bright sunlight. The addition of HD video recording is a nice touch, and it makes the camera more relevant. Video looks good while playing, but the quality you get, not a special video camera is clearly beat.