Monday, November 14, 2011

iPhone 4 Review Part 3

However iPhone 4, FaceTime is a futuristic vision to life to some degree. There is a certain "wow" moment when you first start FaceTime calls, which in part, with the awareness that you can easily press contacts and friends within a few seconds to see them on your screen. Although video streaming is not an integral part of smartphones FaceTime is quite smooth in the implementation of video conferencing and produced some impressive clear and smooth. In our experience we can have a chat with other iPhone users for four long sessions without interruption or degradation.

iPhone 4 Review

But FaceTime, HD video recording, and the new high resolution display is only possible through the application processor Apple A4, which is the same chipset that powers the iPad. The advantages of the A4 chip is not immediately apparent when loading the application, but if you look, they will feel about the menus and how fast can you scroll through the media. Gone are the days when your iPhone chugs or stop in the middle of a progress bar - iPhone 4 directly by the breeze.

iPhone 4 vs. iPhone 3G Speed ​​Test
In terms of games, the A4 processor, and retina display delivers crisp, clean graphics and the inclusion of a built-in gyroscope to improve tracking accuracy and orientation, although the current games that take advantage of new hardware a bit. However, they hold great promise for the future potential of the iPhone 4 games. Eliminate: GunRange prove that the gyro is ideal for precise aiming. Brave New Real Racing HD optics (available via a free upgrade) from the retina screen pop - and that's just the ground floor of the four iPhone games. Savvy developers can take advantage of the additional power, better display, and the top to play, which currently exceeds the App Store to create.

With all the extra processing power, and a host of new features, the battery must have the attention. Fortunately, Apple has a full battery is larger, more efficient in the iPhone 4, but offers a surprising amount of extra batteries. Instead, a new battery will only managed to offset the new features, and the same amount of battery life for 3G, which is about 6 or 7 hours of operation of a rigorous, 10 or 11 hours of standard is used, and the days of standby power. We want to see further improvements in this area, but it is an acceptable compromise for functions.


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