Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro Social Phonebook

The actual Xperia pro visually customized phonebook can store extensive details about all your contacts. Info for every contact is presented in side-swipable user interface that holds contact info, recent calls and much more info from social networking providers.

The contact list can end up being sorted by either first or even last name. There are two contact research options – a dedicated search field along with the contact list, and an alphabet scroll to jump to names beginning with a specific letter.

You may sync with multiple accounts, such as Exchange and Facebook, and you are able to selectively show or hide connections from some accounts, or set the phonebook to show only contacts with phone amounts.

And if a contact offers accounts in multiple services, you are able to “join” their contact info to maintain everything in one place. Their Facebook photos and interests (the main Facebook integration) will display as extra tabs.

Quick contacts are enabled – a tap about the contact’s photo brings up cutting corners for calling, texting or contacting the contact. See Xperia Pro design.

Each contact can have a number of fields (and repeat fields from the same type), the plus and X buttons allow you to add and remove fields because needed. The fields cover anything through names (including a field to jot down the name phonetically) in order to addresses, nicknames and notes.

There's an option to redirect calls straight to voicemail. Personalized ringtones are allowed too.

You can "star" the contact, which puts it within the Favorites tab. Also, in each Gmail account there is a special group called "Starred within Android" where these contacts proceed automatically. Read also Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro.