Saturday, November 12, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tap Short Review Part 2

  • Internet and connectivity:
We are looking for a little bit about the ability of the Samsung Galaxy Tab frustrated Internet. Since the tablet with Android 2.2 Froyo, Flash Player 10.1 supports that really makes for a desktop-class experience, but the overall performance is not very good browser, especially if you have a hard time for a page on Flash elements. Visit Very often there is some serious stuttering when trying to side to scroll really hinder the experience. If not, well the enlargement made with double-tap or multi-touch and works well for most. However, if you are in landscape mode browsing, you will rarely feel the need to enlarge.

Samsung Galaxy Tap

Flash itself is definitely a great feature to have, but because it seems it comes with a price high enough, at least in the software Adobe Galaxy Tab is not enough here, but the blame, such as stuttering fun continues even after our plug- ins are disabled. This allows us to improve the performance somewhat, but the results are still not butter smooth. This does not mean that the entire browsing experience is not better than smart phones with big screens out there, of course. It just does not work is to improve the game is pretty tough, like the iPad in this case.

Samsung Galaxy tab at the cutting edge connectivity with Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n, quad-band GSM and tri-band UMTS support (900/1200/2100), in addition to A-GPS and Bluetooth 3.0 for local connections. Similar to the Apple iPad, Galaxy Tab is expected to go in the form of Wi-Fi-only, the ship must be affordable, it is to see the 3G radio and a few functions.

Interfaces and functions:

These days the importance of software began to be recognized. Customers become aware that bigger is not always better, and shiny does not mean functional. In this context, the Samsung Galaxy Tab has the advantage that Android 2.2 - OS phones enjoy increasing popularity among consumers due to the open and provide alternatives to IOS.

Samsung does not leave you with the experience of the camp, because it is the operating system TouchWiz 3.0 UI has been changed, also found in the Galaxy line of phones. You can have up to nine Home screens, each of which held a series of widgets. Background experience to stay here for a little more visually entertaining. Move between different pages and the screen is very smooth on the Samsung Galaxy Tab There is also a kind of helicopter view (like the HTC Sense) and the home screen and main menu where you can quickly jump to a specific page.

We must go from Samsung to transform core applications of the platform, so they use a large estate. Beginning with the Contacts application, we found the interface very nice and relaxing by the manufacturer. They have a list of people you see on the left side, with information and communication technologies on the right side of history - all at a glance. There are also extensive use of registers, which gives you quick access to all relevant functions such as dialers, speed log, groups and favorites.

Of course, news and e-mail applications are available. Text visualized in a threaded style, while e-mails can be considered either as a list or a conversation. Both e-mail and messaging applications are cross-format, which comes with a list of correspondence on the left side, and the contents of the selected message to the right. On-screen QWERTY keyboard is more than useful, but you have to get used first. In particular, you should use for the Samsung Galaxy Tab in the right way to receive is good at keeping the receipt, and this applies to both portrait and landscape format.

The same visual style is also found in the calendar. Available for day, week, month and a traditional list view with them all the hosts further information on the bottom of the screen standard Smartphone applications. Be identified in the monthly view appointments for each day in their respective fields, while the area to be used at the bottom of the screen for more information for each day, much bigger than a smartphone screen, allowing you to see more stuff.

Samsung Galaxy Tap, Set the alarm clock is a very simple and easy. If you do fit one style, taste your clock, you can further their own alarms settings by the time you want, ring tones, repeat and so on.

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