Sunday, November 13, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 Android

Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000

Many of the Galaxy Tab P1000 interface takes cues from the Galaxy S. In fact, you feel like you are using an up-size version of the smartphone. The tablet is a 1GHz Cortex A8 processor is more than capable of full multitasking, while the experience quick and sharp. Unlike other tablet manufacturers who have chosen their bids in accordance with Tablet customizable user interface, Samsung has the basic Android 2.2 (Froyo) interface left untouched. Decorate, in fact, almost no change, except that the TouchWiz-interface applications menu expands.

While the Galaxy Tab P1000 with all the basic Android applications such as Gmail, Google Talk and Google Maps features, Samsung has designed the application, some of which take advantage of larger screens included.
Application such as players, music calendars and e-mail clients behave differently when seen sideways in the landscape, often changing to show double-screen. For example, you can search your e-mail to a column, while reading the message on the next.

But not all Android apps are optimized in this way. After all the Android operating system is not designed to be used as a tablet. Honestly, you do not feel like you get something quite different if the same application you use on your smartphone while have on the larger screen. Just like any other tablet on the market, you can go online either through WiFi or 3G connection on the Galaxy Tab

The larger screen is a welcome addition, allowing you to see more space for Web pages as a whole. Another great advantage of the Galaxy Tab P1000 is offered support for Flash and HTML 5 It allows you to visit the full Flash-based websites, the video embedded in Flash, and yes, even play Farmville, if you ask. Total surfing experience on the Galaxy Tab feels fast - succeeded in most web pages load relatively quickly through both WiFi and 3G connections.

Simple text-based website with some images, such as upload to Wikipedia in less than 5 seconds. However, the site is difficult, especially those who tend the many flash elements to show how choppy the Tablet attempt to display the content.

Galaxy Tab is also a phone, so you can make regular calls to and send / receive text messages from them. The strange thing with the Galaxy Tab as the main phone is that it does not sound hole - instead you must use a speakerphone or handsfree.

Samsung  Galaxy Tab P1000. The layout of the keyboard on the screen just like the iPad offers touch typing and it is using clearly surprised. Built-in automatic correction can sometimes arrogant, demanding the use of words that are proposed but are otherwise very functional keyboard when the device is in portrait or landscape orientation is kept working.