Monday, November 14, 2011

Samsung Galaxy S: Superior, Stylish, Sexy, Smart

Superior, Stylish, Sexy, Smart. thing that is the explanation of the meaning of the letter "S" on the back of the Galaxy. it does look a glance looks like a regular full touchscreen smartphone, before we tasted it. interface smoothness and beautiful screen can change our view of Samsung Galaxy S.

ARM Cortex A8-powered 1GHz processor, all the android applications can run very smooth with the iphone, the processor speed is quite balanced. Internet speed was equally rapid. open web is not a difficult task anymore.

talking about the screen, super AMOLED galaxy belongs to S to get rid of many of its competitors. screen is quite bright in the sun, and if we are accustomed to see it then it will feel like a regular screen. In fact, his ability no less than the "retinal display" iphone 4.

body shape is very ergonomic and comfortable in the hand, although a large 4-inch screen - including the largest in the ranks of smartphones, but this phone was mild. although very light and thin, he remained firm hold. unfortunately, the material is made ​​of plastic slightly reduce luxury.

Samsung Galaxy S have 8gb internal memory only, but not a problem because SDcardnya slots can accommodate up to 32GB. not like some android phones, Samsung Galaxy S can store applications and so on in the internal memory or SDCARD. it makes it superior in class smartphone android.

android phones are quite popular because of its applications are growing rapidly. to date has recorded more than 100,000 applications are mostly free. However, the Galaxy's got a special free apps from  Samsung Galaxy S has the features and technology that is very comprehensive and quality for the current range of smartphones.