Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Illustration Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung S2 Galaxy handset has a multi-award-winning masterpiece, and - if the leaked photo above it is to believe - Samsung Galaxy S3 is already prepared better,

Samsung Galaxy S3

Snap leak, which was published on Phandroid reveals, across a whopping 4.6in HD receiver package 1.8 GHz dual-core processor, 12-MP camera surprising and industry boundaries, destroy 2GB of RAM.

The device in the picture, apparently taken by Samsung Mobile internal presentation, it is also clear packing Android Ice Cream Sandwich. The new OS will be since today - that is, we can expect that soon the Samsung S2 Galaxy.

The wearing of a hat, we are skeptical, there is a strong possibility it is wrong, because the text refers to the image on the "Super AMOLED Plus HD" HD screen rather than Samsung's own Super AMOLED terminology. Unless there is a new screen at all?

Although the technology world, you might want to hear more about the Samsung Nexus Prime, it is not only attractive, Samsung mobile phones in the pipeline. According to a recent tip to Phandroid, sharpening service business smartphone Samsung Galaxy S3 is pretty beast.

Samsung Galaxy S3

The photo above the slide and internal details of the development of Samsung's line of Samsung S2 Galaxy is assumed. Sent to Phandroid Earlier this week, sliding devices includes details of  Samsung Galaxy S III . If the information is valid (and it could be wrong, because there is little error in the figure), will feature the new Android device via a dual-core 1.8 Exynos 4212-GHz processor, 2GB of RAM,  12-megapixel camera and 4.6-inch AMOLED display plus super HD. This phone is said to be even slimmer than the Galaxy S2, supports 4G LTE and NFC.