Thursday, November 17, 2011

Samsung Galaxy S3 12-16 Megapixels Camera 1.5-2GB of Ram

Samsung Galaxy S3 12-16 Megapixels Camera 1.5-2GB of Ram

Details have emerged over a follow-up to Samsung's brilliant Galaxy S2 cell phone. Inventively dubbed the Samsung Galaxy S3, it may pack a 4. 6-inch screen plus a 1. 8GHz processor. There are many rumors across the web claiming that the fresh Samsung Galaxy S3 phone would get yourself a 16 Megapixels Camera, which would just make this kind of phone directly call a Camera Phone rather than smart phone. But these can not be true unless Samsung officially confirms the identical. Generally companies upgrade their gadgets to 12Mp of camera in the event the prior device have had 8Mp yet lets wait and watch what Sammy will probably offer us.

Take this using a pinch of salt, but the slide lists any stonkingly powerful Galaxy S3 have 2-megapixel camera and 2GB of RAM on top of that. As if that wasn't adequate, it looks as though the Samsung Galaxy S3 may have a different shape, ditching the S2's squarish look in preference of something a little more rounded towards the top and bottom. Phandroid's sources reckon it will likely be thinner than the S2 on top of that.

The current specifications are rumored the phone would get around 1. 5 or 2Gb of RAM plus a 2Ghz of dual-core processor plus a 32Gb of inbuilt memory. The expected launch would be across the first quarter of 2012 before which we could expect Sammy to already promote around 25 Million units as the first 10 Million units have been sold within first 4 months now since its available almost world wide how many sales would be bound to the touch the sky.

Specs of the newest phone appear to have recently been leaked to Android site Phandroid, within what is reportedly one slide from an inside Samsung Mobile presentation. But as opposed to most PowerPoint affairs, this presentation is in fact rather interesting, as it exhibits what could be Samsung's latest flagship phone.

The five tray icons around the front of the blurry Samsung Galaxy S3 graphic would also indicate which it will run Ice Cream Sandwich, the new version of Android that was allowed to be launched today, but which continues to be postponed as a mark of respect for your late Steve Jobs.

While this info on the Samsung Galaxy S3 appear, we have been still waiting on another Samsung energy, the Galaxy Nexus, which is defined to be Google's newest flagship cell phone, following the Nexus S, as well as the first mobile running Ice Cream Sandwich.

All of this information clearly demonstrates Apple is seriously getting a massive competition from Samsung, and its not merely limited to their Mobile Phones but in addition in the Smart TV & Notebooks sector. Samsung is on a launching spree which is announcing something Awesome every other day with all the product being either at par with the other products on the market or more advanced than these. Samsung Galaxy S3.


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