Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro Image Gallery

The Xperia pro uses the conventional droid Gallery, which hasn’t seriously seen much change in Gingerbread. There are good functionality, cool 3D appears to be like and nice transition effects, but unfortunately only shows a downsized version within your images.

The different albums plus folders appear as piles with photos, which fall in awesome grids once selected. If you may have online albums over at Picasa those manifest as separate stacks as perfectly.

You should have noticed a 3D switch by now on the top bar. It opens a different gallery sections that stores only your a model in 3d panorama shots. The standard camera photos and panoramas are typically the familiar camera folder while in the gallery.

To view the a model in 3d panoramas, you need to connect your phone to the compatible 3DTV. We tried them to the LG Optimus 3D, but the extender couldn’t recognize them.

Sony Ericsson includes added support for Facebook compact disks too. They are distinguished by small Facebook logo on them while viewing individual pics from this album, you can "like" them together with the thumbs up button in the top of right corner.

Photos can be sorted by date thanks to a button in the top rated right corner, which switches amongst grid and timeline view. See also Xperia pro social phonebook.

The gallery supports finger scrolling or panning so you're able to skip images without having to go back to the default view. Thanks to the Xperia ray's multi-touch support pinch zooming is likewise available here but additionally you can double tap or use a +/- buttons.

The Android gallery continue to shows only downsized version with you images, though if you send a person from here the full-res shot is received to the other end.

Images can be cropped or rotated directly while in the gallery. Quick sharing via Picasa, Contact apps, Facebook, Bluetooth or MMS can be purchased in handy.

The BRAVIA engine elevates contrast and colors, as them sharpens the image and cuts down noise. These steps would normally bring on artifacts, but the high-density screen of your Xperia ray makes them silent. You can switch BRAVIA out of, but we recommend you keep it on - anybody improves the image quality. See also Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro.