Saturday, November 12, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tap Short Review Part 1

This is a revision of the European version of Samsung Galaxy Tab While it is pretty much identical to the U.S. version of the device there are still some differences by one of the most important support the voice dialing is only available in the EU version.

Samsung Galaxy Tap
  • Introduction:
Without a doubt, the Apple iPad one of the most exciting consumer electronic and successfully published this year. The success has of course to a wave of announcements from various manufacturers that each disclose their own plan for the future Tablet / s LED Until now seems the most serious competitor to Samsung Galaxy Tab, which is a view with each carrier in the U.S. to create. Well, here's the deal on the Samsung Galaxy Tab At first glance, very similar to the iPad, in fact, not it's true. "So that's good or bad?" The will be asked. If these questions tickle your taste, then look no further, because you know all the answers you are looking for in this report to find!

  • Design:
Samsung Galaxy Tab is more compact than the Apple iPad. This is almost two times smaller and packs 7 "capacitive touch screen, against a 9.7-inch iPad. Of course not deceived by advertising Samsung, implies that you wear comfortable to use the machine in your pocket. It is This thing is not this bag is very easy to learn and simple to use, even very mild .. Galaxy Tab 13.40 oz (380 g), which can be explained by plastic construction. We suspect that the back is very prone to scratches so it can get a smart idea, a kind of case.

Beautiful 7-inch screen has a resolution of 600x1024 pixels. It delivers sharp images and even the text looks less good. Color TFT-LCD screen is either saturated, while the viewing angle is more than bearable. Galaxy Tab screen in bright sunlight visible, though not in full beauty. Clearly, an ambient light sensor is provided to adjust the screen brightness accordingly, but if you want, you can always override and move the slider all to the max to have a very bright picture. Conversely, if you want to use the tablet in place of darkness said, in bed, tab also has a very low brightness to your eyes out. Of course we have to touch any problems with the registration; capacitive screen is so sensitive as it gets. By the way it looks, is 7 inches is still pretty good for a tablet, although you can change to landscape mode when viewing a website quite often.

Above the display is called an Ambient Light Sensor, 1.3MP camera, and video. At the bottom of the front, you get four capacitive buttons: Menu, Home, Back and search, it can be quite annoying, because accidents pressing, especially in the beginning. At the top is a 3.5 mm headset jack, while the left is the microphone Galaxy Tab that lets you make calls is on the device. On the right is the power / lock, and the volume rocker and microSD card slot and SIM. The flip side houses the proprietary charging port (very similar to Apple's 30-pin connector) and two speakers. The rear panel includes a 3.2 megapixel camera with LED flash.

So we took a tour of the tablets, and as a result, we can say it is one that is pretty nice looking device. Samsung Galaxy Tab is also quite thin and definitely a worthy competitor for the iPad from a design standpoint. However, it is not the feeling, as a solid or a premium for it because the dominant use of plastics. One of the things we like Tab is however, a simple way to wear them so that they will be placed in a comfortable position must when it comes to users who are not willing to sacrifice portability comes.

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