Saturday, November 19, 2011

Google Galaxy Nexus S Android 2.3 Gingerbread

The Google Nexus S would be the first phone to sport the modern version of Google's Android phone operating system. Android 2. 3 Gingerbread packs within a whole host of little and large tweaks including a more rewarding interface, support for Near Subject Communication (NFC), superior battery management, and improved word editing and typing.

The very first thing you notice about the Nexus Ohydrates, aside from its beautifully smart design is its curved tv screen. The very slight concave bow that runs thoroughly is designed to make the unit easier to grip and nicer to hold on to against you face while conversing, as well as reduce glare.

With regards the former, the phone does indeed feel exceptionally nice from the hand but this is much more related to its slightly bottom heavy design along with the lip on the back, both of which are in addition to the curved screen. As for holding the unit to your face, you can spot the difference, with the mouth piece being nearer orally than usual, but we couldn't necessarily say it's better, simply just different. Far more important to calling comfort is high class speakers, microphones, and audio circuitry for producing calls easier to hear.

Straightforward phone, it's not a massive breakthrough with regard to hardware and is in many ways a tweaked Samsung Galaxy S. Even so, it is very competent and combined with software, it makes for essentially the most desirable handsets currently available. You possibly can pick one up for £429. 95 SIM free from car phone warehouse or it might be had for free on £35pm, 24 month contracts on a range of networks.

Likewise, we didn't notice a large reduction in glare and possibly found it more susceptible using some conditions. Nonetheless, while the curved screen concept simply a revolution, and is arguably a gimmick, if this is a symptom of things to come, it truly is no bad thing.

The look on the back is rather nice likewise. There isn't quite the similar stark paucity of features as within the front but the mottled pattern looks nice enough. However, the options of glossy plastic simply is just not sensible. Even in the very shorter time we've had this handset, it's already selected a few hairline scratches. This can of course be prevented simply using a case or potentially changing this back plate if alternatives become readily available. Even so, we would've preferred a slightly better made and premium feel from this outset. At 124g, the Google Nexus S is in least deceptively light for it is 127 x 63 x 10. 88mm size.

Back to that minimalist pattern, the front really is rather something. The sheer blackness of the display when off combined with black bezel, trim, and earpiece-grille appears to be superb. What's more, the super-tough Gorilla glass is usually incredibly resistant to scratches and as well shirks fingerprint collecting quite very well.

Prize the backplate off and you may find a 1500mAh battery and also the SIM slot. However there isn't a microSD slot so you won't have the capacity to add to the phone's integral 16GB of storage, which is a mistake considering Apple already gives a 32GB iPhone.

Two cameras grace the nexus S that has a front facing one nestled near to the earpiece and a 5 megapixel just one with autofocus and an LED flash within the back. Sadly there's no shutter button but what you will really find is a power button/screen lock button within the right edge, a volume rocker within the left, and sockets for headphones and microUSB within the bottom.

One complaint we have having many touchscreen smart phones is they've already no buttons on the entry that activate the screen, leaving someone to stretch to the top edge on the phone where the power/screen lock button is normally situated. Not so with this Nexus S, as its side mounted power button put in at home to reach with both eventually left and right hands.Google Nexus S


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