Monday, November 14, 2011

iPhone 4 Review Part 1

The appeal of Apple products are not rooted in the use of revolutionary concepts, but a careful refinement of existing ones. The iPhone 4 is not appropriate. In many ways it is the height of the now four-generation Apple smartphone technology - keep many or most, a trademark of platforms, but serve it with some new ones are significant, and in a form factor very new. But the iPhone 4 is certainly not without fault, and although they probably have little impact on the commercial success, they leave much room for improvement, and there is no doubt that by this time next year Apple will these improvements with the next introduce iteration. But can the iPhone 4 and imperfections that stand alone as a viable product hard earned money from the public?

iPhone 4 Review

Note iPhone 4 Video Review
It is only appropriate to start, that we most immediately recognizable, the iPhone with the iPhone 4 change - design. The iPhone 4 is the second major aesthetic improvement in the short history of the three products, and we will dare to call it the best-looking design, but, if not one of the largest search for smart phone design for decades. 4 The iPhone is sleek and clean. He adheres to a strict minimalist view of the trade panel for the silver lining on the horizon, round and flat surfaces and edges of a simple and functional stainless steel. The buttons on the side of the device is not designed aerodynamically to the telephone enclosure to create a seamless piece of hardware, but larger and extends for a better tactile identification and use.

The iPhone 4 was heavy and the road ready not like the iPhone 3G that looks and feels like it has a removable section. But in reality, the iPhone 4 just as sensitive as his brother, if not more. Apple's decision, a tempered glass panels, all materials on the surface are not only forward, but the back as well. Although they claim that they doubt the ability to strengthen the glass material, that we could have a direct impact without cracking or chipping to get upright. Glass panes are also very susceptible to stains that keep us cautious for them free of fingerprints gadgets pretty frustrating. But to be fair, most users tend to the case with any kind of screen protector to use.