Thursday, November 24, 2011

HTC Wildfire S Android v2.3

This Wildfire S runs Android v2.3 outside the box. As usual, it is skinned while using the HTC Sense UI, but it’s some sort of slightly updated version. There usually are two major improvements over beyond editions: a Quick Settings tab from the Notification area and a revived Main Menu.

On the exterior, the HTC Sense is recognizable enough, with some welcome refinements beneath hood.

At the bottom on the screen, there are three virtual keys as well as a scroll bar. The left key launches the leading menu. The middle key is usually a shortcut to the Phone app along with the right key brings up this "Personalize" menu. The latter contains various customization alternatives for the display, home screen and noise notifications.

The scroll bar at the end is just an indication that home screen pane you’re on – it are not used for actual scrolling.

There’s Leap view instead - tap your house key (while on the guts home screen) or do some sort of pinch gesture to zoom out to show off the thumbnails of all seven home screen panes at a time. With a press and hold you possibly can rearrange the home screen panes likewise.

Seven home screen panes is all you could get though – there’s not any add or delete option. With all those widgets (which might be quite useful too) you’ll want to keep these people anyway.

HTC Sense makes by using Scenes – essentially five personalized home screen setups (Work, Traveling, Social, Play and default). Each scene changes the wallpaper along with the widgets on the home screen. In particular, the Work scene has some sort of Stocks widget, while the Social gives a Twitter widget. Those can possibly be customized, of course.

You go with a Scene within a fancy-looking 3 dimensional card interface. You can modify existing clips (older Sense versions prompted someone to save modifications as a new scene) and get more scenes at this HTC Hub.

Switching between scenes takes some seconds but sure allows wide customization – this company and personal modes that many competing phones offer seem quite limited in comparison to the HTC Scenes.

The HTC Good sense has another customization option termed Skins. Every skin changes the look of most of the onscreen keys, application screens, option menus, along with items. They also come with unique wallpaper which enables it to set different colors to a variety of UI elements. They can also replace the normal dock, lock screen and widget supports with custom ones or transform their shape.

Unfortunately the Wildfire Ohydrates comes only with one skin tone pre-installed, but you can always have more from the HTC Hub.

The leading menu has the typical grid page layout, but you can switch into a list. In the list page layout, there’s two-finger alphabet scrolling, that makes locating apps faster.

The main menu has been updated while using the tabbed layout available in different Sense elements (such as phonebook). There are three tabs available in the bottom – all apps, frequent blog and favorites. They are quite useful especially once you have lots of installed applications.

Tapping the Personalize button brings about a whole screen of things from which to choose – for the display (clips, wallpapers and skin), with the home screen (widgets, shortcuts, version, etc. )#) and even appears to be (ring tones, alarms, notifications in addition to Sound set).

In this widget section, both types of widgets (personalized HTC and stock Android) are placed on a single page. There are so quite a few you may find the several home screen panes short. You can download new widgets journey Market or the HTC Switch.

When you select a widget that you are prompted to choose between various versions – most widgets have at the very least two styles. The different versions typically offer at the very least two sizes of the widget and various skins. For example, there usually are thirteen different clocks.

Some golf widget styles even offer different efficiency. One version of the Friend Stream widget in particular shows updates for the people you follow and helps you tweet/update status. The other version is small and only allows status messages and tweets. A third is also available showing only your friends’ status updates without the need of option to update yours. There's nothing stopping you from using these people, of course.

The notification spot is divided into two dividers. The first one features an index of recent apps (beyond just the notification list), just such as a task switcher. A press and hang on the Home button works far too. The second tab accommodates turns for WLAN, Bluetooth, GPS, cellphone data or the Wi-Fi hotspot. We have a shortcut to the full directory settings too.

Text selection can be found almost everywhere. The Gingerbread implementation involves a couple large pointers either side on the marked text. You can drag all those easily to make the choice you need. Then you include Copy/Cut/Paste/Quick Lookup options. It really doesn’t get incredibly easier than that.

The HTC Wildfire S has decent performance although a tad low by today’s standards. Irrespective of it runs on Android 3. 3 Gingerbread, the Wildfire S will be based upon the same hardware as its predecessor and in some cases requires more power juice with the higher resolution display. So there is some lag in some places, but nothing to ruin the good experience. But if that you are lag-intolerant at all then it is best to definitely pass this fella and hop on a more powerful phone.

The fast boot feature is enabled from the HTC Wildfire S but it won’t work in case you have removed the battery – in this case it will do a frequent slow boot.

The cool things is blog preserve their state after the restart – considering were browsing a web web page before shutting the down cellular phone, the browser will restore ones session.

Our guess is, HTC has used getting some sort of Suspend or Hibernate logic once we know them from regular desktops to implement the fast footwear. read also HTC Wildfire S Design.


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