Saturday, November 12, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tap Short Review Part 3

EU Samsung Galaxy Tab can make calls over a cellular network (not U.S. version), which is a big thing of course (after all, the phone rocks) to make. It works without any problems, you just have to still get a decent hands, or with sound from the speakers, whether this is an option for you, i.e. But in terms of call quality on Galaxy Tab, you will say that the speaker does not perform at the required level. For starters, they are very weak. Volume can be fine if you are alone in the quiet room, but after there is some ambient noise, you will immediately start causing problems, have your conversation partner's words. At least Galaxy Tab microphone (left) does a good job in transferring the volume of your voice that they deserve. However, it does sound a little unnatural.

Samsung Galaxy Tap
You will definitely not find a typical battery in your Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Tab Instead, the tablet of a large 4000mAh unit, which is quite capable of providing usage and standby time is very impressive non-powered android smart multitasking seems certain can take a toll on battery life. But we think that's why Samsung is shipping the Galaxy Tab to the Task Manager installed!


Samsung's first tablet, Samsung Galaxy Tab, surely the device with its own philosophy. It is easy to transport very compact and light, and because a healthy screen size 7 ", it's a great offer for ordinary users. It's still quite versatile but that comes with many connectivity options and also two cameras for occasional recordings and video telephony. In the Meanwhile, a solid and modern design, while still operating mainly out of plastic.

Samsung Galaxy Tab cannot qualify as a productivity device. Of course you can use them for the correspondence of the organization, calendar entries and e-mail data without problems, but that's pretty much the extent of his business acumen. Android is not yet mature enough to be able to offer some advanced applications for workaholics (not the IOS, although it is much closer to achieving that goal). However, if you do not really need those advanced features, but the Smartphone screen is not big enough for you simply surf the Internet or a few other things, the Galaxy Tab perfectly. The only thing you have to set the price, which is pretty high. It is no secret that for the same price you also get themselves superior to the iPad, which far when it comes to software and services, is. IPad is voluminous, but also significantly, and this is one of the strongest advantages Galaxy - portability. This device is very easy to learn and use, making it a better way to a consumer-oriented netbook or mobile computers.

In terms of pure hardware aspects, we have absolutely no complaints about the Samsung press Tab Galaxy, except simply by chance capacitive button. What is hold back, so to speak, is Android. Do not get us wrong - the system is good for most, and personalize the Samsung, its better not to mention perfect for tablets. However, we found the browser to perform well is not necessary, especially when the Flash content. Another drawback we see is the Android Market. The number of applications that you find there is more than enough, but the quality of available software is not yet high enough. Therefore, we consider the Samsung Galaxy Tab tablets are very good if you are not a power user. Price of the Galaxy Tab is also quite difficult to swallow. In the U.S., Verizon sells the device with a retail price of $ 599 with service from month to month, and Sprint offers $ 599 unsubsidized and subsidized $ 399 (with contract) is set. T-Mobile, on the other side has put a price tag of $ 649 and $ 399 subsidized. AT & T has not announced the pricing announced, but rumor has it the number two U.S. airlines are the pills that offer to non-commitment price of $ 649.99 - making it more expensive than the actual prices the Apple iPad 3G is capable. For us, this seems another reason to buy the Samsung Galaxy Tab hard.

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