Monday, November 14, 2011

iPhone 4 Review Part 4

iPhone 4 Antenna controversy
Following the introduction of the iPhone 4, a large number of consumers reporting poor reception after holding the phone every metal band that runs along the edge of the device. The band has four redesigned iPhone built-in antenna, which runs the length of the frame. To preserve and improve the ability to access the internal devices, metal band has broken up into three parts, with three joints visible in the bottom left, bottom right, and left on the iPhone 4

iPhone 4 Review

You frustration.It source in direct contact with the joints, especially in the lower left is assumed, thus deleting the quality of the connection, if not entirely cut off. While Apple has confirmed the problem, they have confirmed no guidance or suggestion for a reasonable solution, in addition to simply avoid the phone in a way that covers the fields or applications.

iPhone 4, At first we did not find that the connectivity that many users have reported, and found that we complete is a fairly constant 3G connectivity. Try as we are, we can not mimic the effects have, until we are in an area with 3G connectivity only average or weak. In this scenario, our fingers are on the bottom of the metal band has a serious impact on the quality of our reception. While we never lose the signal at all, we are reduced to a single bar on the Edge network from AT & T.

Fortunately, most users are not likely to encounter this problem, because almost everyone decide to use a protective sleeve of some sort, it is certainly far from ideal and a massive surveillance on behalf of Apple.

The Bottom Line iPhone 4
When all is said and done, the iPhone 4 is a wonderful device, and one of the best smartphones. Although not without errors, the overall usability and look great and the unit will undoubtedly set the industry standard again.