Monday, November 14, 2011

iPhone 4 Review Part 2

As attractive as the iPhone form factor of four, is what under the hood and on-screen software to attract consumers. It makes the iPhone 4, several important improvements over iPhone 3G, provides powerful new A4 processor, the same as that currently iPad in the power supply, a new handset called ultra-high pixel density screen, Apple she retinal display is used. Apple has crammed four times as many pixels 3.5-inch screen, iPhone 4, at 326 pixels per inch really. The result? Retina display has some clear, sharp images, and the most detailed, text and video that we see on mobile devices. Words or video can not properly represent the retina display makes a difference - it will be seen to be fully exploited. In fact, retinal display perhaps the most innovative additions to the iPhone 4, how small or insignificant as it may sound.

iPhone 4 Review

To complement the new Retina Display, Apple has put a lot of work into an integrated camera, the lens adds iPhone to iPhone 4 5-megapixel camera, complete with LED flash. With these numbers is a 5-megapixel lens small potatoes in the mobile market, for many listeners has a megapixel camera 8 or more, but it makes up for it with some surprising light response sensors and processing, the photographs are produced in great detail that rivals some standalone point-and-shoots. Distant objects are always in focus, and the photos in low yield a mixture of light in an image or a situation surprisingly functional. We also noticed that the camera is also much stronger focus on in terms of, is faster autofocus and press-to-focus feature of the response was almost 01.01.

For the first time the iPhone will now be able to capture 720p HD video, which in turn uses the new light sensor. We have record high-definition video on a smartphone before, especially as seen one of the biggest competitors Android platform, EVO 4G, but the iPhone 4 takes the cake in terms of quality. While others on the arrests, washed the number of video pixels on the iPhone 4 smooth, clear and less than other smartphones we've used, so solid all-in-one alternative to a compact HD video camera, like the flip HD. Sure, there are always asks questions related to the recording on such a small device - shaking, a lot of movement, etc. - but with a steady hand and good eye, you can definitely hit some interesting video of the iPhone camera 4

Apple has also added a front facing camera in addition to take to the users the ability to clear pictures of yourself so that the iPhone 4 to create real-time video calls with FaceTime. Users can select with FaceTime to make standard calls to anyone in their contact list, or a video call. This feature is seamlessly integrated into the core campaign of phone calls and can use the commands in the Address Book for SMS, e-mail, or call to find the contact. There are several limitations recognized FaceTime frustration, however, both as a user with a Wi-Fi connection, and both must use the iPhone 4. Fortunately, Apple hinted they plan to use the user the features through the 3G, but only to improve the wireless service providers in their networks. There is also the possibility of application developers can get the front facing camera and brings enhanced voice chat function - can anyone say, Skype, or even a mobile chat roulette?